Mishy Lesser
Consulting Services

Developing Youth Leadership for
Peaceable and Prosperous Communities

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Mishy Lesser Consulting Services partners with communities and faith-based organizations to cultivate emergent youth leaders by developing their social skills and relationship networks for personal mastery and social transformation.

By focusing on violence prevention,  responsible stewardship of the natural world,  community heritage, and social entrepreneurship,  Mishy Lesser helps youth develop  appreciation for community, self-knowledge, the ability to make life-supporting decisions, and communication skills for healthy and helpful relationships. 

Mishy is learning director for "Coexist," a new documentary film about the current situation of forced reconciliation in Rwanda. 

Mishy has an extraordinary ability to understand a group's priorities and to summarize complex discussions in a way that leads to a decision and the next level of collaborative effort.  She is one of the most skillful members of any decision-making group I've ever encountered.
Patricia Worlock Moore
President, Moore II Resolutions

As a peace-builder and founder of an international youth leadership organization, it has been a pleasure working with Mishy in a variety of contexts. It is no exaggeration to say that she is one of the clearest thinkers I have met.  She can quickly assess the needs of any group, communicate them brilliantly, and design approaches to serving diverse constituents.
Judith Thompson, Ph.D.,
Founder, Children of War